De Swag

A quiz game for fashion addicted

  • May 2016
  • UI/UX, Game Design
  • DeSwag


DeSwag is a mobile game where players can challenge their friends in quiz about fashion. The most expert players will win virtual garments, snatched to very famous fashion icons, and will fill their virtual wardrobe with trendy outfits. Instead, the less learned player will be able to unlock the fashion items by using virtual currency. Above all, the players are allowed to extend the experience in the real life since they can buy the real version of their virtual items without leaving the game.

Game Design

The client already has a game design document when they called me upon. The two co founders weren't fully convinced of the design, even they didn't know exactly why.
We decided to start from an analysis of the app, and a comparison with successful apps like Kardashian and Covet Fashion. For each design, I tried to point out the possible motivations for a player to enter, stay and spend money in the app and I put the focus on the core aesthetics and activators for any player's action. Then, among with the client, we redesigned the whole user experience with two main goals: to make the game section meaningful and to nudge the player toward monetization.
The dexerity catch-the-ball game planned in the original version has been deleted and replaced by different quiz type games on fashion. Now the players can take advantage from skills that are meaningful to them (to be a fashion expert, to be up-to-date about trends), any reward they got has a much higher preceived value (I got this reward because I deserved it!). Once we showed to the player that hers actions have sense in the game world, we were able to expand the gameworld's boundaries to the real world. Purchasing virtual dresses becomes a way for the player to express herself in a community that aknowledges her. Purchasing real dresses without leaving the app is a way to confirm the belonging to that community.

Graphic Design

Invision Mockup

Role and responsabilites

Game design consultant, UI/UX designer