Healthy Run

Applied game on heart diseases prevention

  • January 2017
  • Art, Game Design
  • Vits - Virtual Training Support


Healthy Run is a game conceived as a break activity in a medical conference on heart diseases. The project goal is to liven up the break and to provide to the convention attendents some hint of discussion in topic.

Game Design

The client's idea of a runner game where bad habits get you slower and good habits speed you up, has been developed by introducing the life-style score and a life-expectation alghorithm, both designed with the collaboration of expert in the field. In the game, the player has to run as far as possible in the given time. He has to avoid obstacles, which reduce his speed, and can collect bonus, which give extra time, and malus, which remove seconds.

At the end of the rush, the bous and the malus collected, which correspond to good and bad habits, define a life-style score, which define a position in the leaderboard of the day. The combination of life-style score and the values entered in the risk-profile screen (where the player can set an hypothetical clinical situation) determine the value life-expectation for the player.

What happens is that the doctors start to play for fun and to challenge each other on dexterity skills but, at the end, find themself arguing on the given life-expectation result, on the years added or subracted by the game because of the good/bad habits, on the weight given by the game to the clinical starting situation.

Role and responsabilites

Game designer, project manager, 3D artist, 2D artist