Open Gift

UI/UX for a wishlist mobile app


OpenGift is an app to create and share gift lists. Users can insert items into their wishlist, which can be permanent or linked to specific events, and share it with all or a group of their friends. Any friend can anonimally reserve a gift and also partecipate to kitties to sharing the cost with other friends. In the wish detail section, the app provide suggestions to similar items and deals got via with e-commerce partners.

Design Process

The client had a quite precise idea of the functions to be implemented, so we started immediately with wireframe and prototyping phase. Since the app had to be built by using the cross platform toolkit Xamarine Forms, the main constrain was to design the interaction by using patterns and layout that were compatible. So, once got the list of available components, I realized in Sketch + Invision a quite detailed explorable wireframe (almost 90 screens), which was the guide for the first prototipe. While the flow was tested, edited and approved, I sketched some graphic concept to explore different possibilities of look and feel (also the app name wasn't decided yet). At the end the cliend decided to go for the most minimal design possible.

Role and responsabilites

Ux designer, UI artist