Sas Alas a bolare - the wings to fly

Narrative design of a pervasive game for tourism promotion of Cagliari city


Sas alas a bolare (sardinian "the wings to fly") is a tourism promotion project run by the city of Cagliari and developed by Alkemy and Another Reality. The project goal is to nudge the tourists to explore and discover more about the city by providing them with a new narrative aesthetic, delivered through a VR/AR narrative driven pervasive game. The story can be played in the real city (trasure hunt style) through a mobile application and AR markers, but also online, thanks to a VR version of the app with immersive 360 video of the city locations.

Game Design

My role in the project was to select the contents and crate the story to link togheter the main interest locations of the city.
We've placed In these p.o.i. AR markers that make possible for tourists to discover a fragment of a story and catch sight of 3D objects in augmented reality. Every story fragment is narratively connected with the real location, as much as the objects, which are always emblems of city culture and folklore, that comes with captions helping to better catch the story meaning (they basically work like illustrations in a book).
The story is told through a dialogue between multiple voices which tell the story events via letters and diary pages. The story recall the life episodes of Vivian during her life in Cagliari and they reveal to be crucial for the life of Teresa, the other main character. The city's beauties and the cagliaritans are told with the external eyes of a character who respects and enjoy the city's uses and culture but is not able to fully embrace them.
The story theme, indeed, is the ethernal turmoil of the traveler, which admires the serenity of people with strong roots but is costantly pushed by the willness to discover. From the struggle between desire to leave and to stay arise a crisis which find a solution in the traveler's metamorphosi (cultural enrichment).
The story, involving friendship, love, gelousy, rebellion and fear, is never told entirely. To the player is left the task to interpretate and build the missing meaning related to the stoy ending and the nature of the relationship between the two main characters.

Role and responsabilites

Narrative designer