Senza Paura

UI design for an educational app for tweens about bullying


Senza Paura is an educational app for young 11 to 13 years olds which aims to asses and improve the target’s knowledge on the issue of bullying and cyberbullying.

Design Process

The most important sections of the app, from the client perspective, are two different assessment quiz in which the users are demanded to express their opinion about a depicted situation for being or not bullying, or for being “fun” or “not fun”. The app contains also some simple games and interactive stories to engage the players in subject-related activities and a library with detailed content. The app was developed by Balzo; the development team included an expert in the field, which was in charge of the content design of the app and, of course, a project manager and a Unity developer.
My role in the project has been related to the Art Direction (concept, graphic design, coordination of an external illustrator) and UI development (wireframe, mockups, asset exportation and implementation in Unity via UGUI).

Role and responsabilites

Art direction, UI design