Song of Pan

A story driven puzzle-platform game


Song of Pan is my last game at Balzo, a game/app dev company I founded with a couple of friends in 2013, before I left the company and begin my freelance career. In Song of Pan I was the lead designer and art director and I made directly about an half of the graphic assets and level design. The game was published in 2016 and is currently available to download for iOS and Android devices.

Game Design

Song of Pan is a story driven video game targeted for mid-core players. The game is set in the classic mythology and has a cheerful, bucolic mood. You play as Pan, a young satyr charged to recover Zeus' flock after a hurricane scattered it away. In each level you have to find the lost sheep and lead them to the shelter. In order to do that, you must catch the notes scattered into the level and play your flute making the sheep follow you.
Song of Pan's dynamics emerge from the interaction of two core mechanics (collecting notes, leading sheep) with few simple objects which are all interconnected. The feedback loops are related to the time resource since the main rule is "The playing time for each note is limited". Level after level the player will be wandering: how to reach all sheep? What’s the safe way to lead them to the shelter? How to take advantage of stones, lifts, doors, braziers, wind? How to avoid cliffs, fire, wolves and fake-sheep that are actually monsters?
The skill required to solve the puzzles is always logic.The pacing curve is shaped throug the level difficulty, the introduction of new elements and the revelation of new pieces of story.

Role and responsabilites

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Game/Level Design, Illustrations, Animations