Suburra The Game

The official game from the Netflix series


Suburra the game has been my main game project of 2019. The game, produced by Netflix and Cattleya group and developed by Monogrid took nine months in development from the first concept to release.
As a lead designer, I've been in charge for the game concept, game design, narrative design and dialogues.
I also worked on level design along with the talented young designer Daniel Sidorenko.

Game Design

Suburra the game is a project born to re-engage the series fan in the occasion of the release of season 2 and provide them with a new opportunity to immerse themselves in the story world.
Even if the gameplay provide combat mechanics (different Ai, use of covering, special attacks) the game design focus is on story and dialogues which, indeed, have been the most appreciated part by players and reviewers.
The game theme is about loyalty and selfishness: just like the heroes of the series, the player experiences an inner struggle between ambition and the wilness to be part of a group. Both Gameplay and story provide a conflict for the player as she goes in each of the two directions.
For every chapter the player, impersonating Spadino, Aureliano or Lele, is engaged in missions involving talking and fighting with many npc and collecting objects and information. At the end of the chapter the player has to decide to sharing or not the information and objects with his mates. During this dialogues the most crucial decisions are taken: being too much accomodating will result in losing the best items (then unprepared in fight); being too arrogant will lead to mates get angry and perhaps kill you.

Method and tools

As a lead game designer I had to write the full game documentation, form the game concept to GDD, LDD, balance sheet, etc.
I also wrote a couple of subject for the story and after the approvation I wrote all the game dialogue whle building a playable narrative prototype in Articy Draft (a sort of text adventure).
For what concerning the level design, Daniel and me designed the level scheme, built the blockouts and implemented the level logics via playmaker visual scripting.

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Role and responsabilites

Game Concept, Game Design, Story and dialogues, Level Design

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